Baby Unit: 01704 894 761 - Toddlers and Pre-School: 01704 893 279

Our Nursery

The nursery offers full day care, which is provided by a team of highly qualified staff who are all committed to providing high-quality service which reflects current thinking and modern approaches to good practice.

Our aim is that our children mature into confident, contented children who have benefited in every way from their time with us.

At 1st Class Nursery we have 3 separate areas

  1. Self-contained baby unit
  2. Toddler room
  3. Pre-school room
  • 1ST Nursery offers a specially tailored curriculum based on the Early Years Foundation Stage.
  • Individual care and attention made possible by a high ratio of adults to children.
  • Fun and friendship with other children and adults.
  • The support of a personal key-person.
  • Opportunities for families to be directly involved in a child’s progress.
  • Professional, friendly environment.
  • Nursery outings and informative visitors such as Police and Fire Department.

Most of all, we want your child’s time at Nursery to be a happy and an enjoyable experience, where strong foundations are laid, and children can learn new skills and grow in confidence in preparation for school.

Our website is just a summary – we cannot fully capture the atmosphere through words and pictures. To appreciate the ethos that we have created at 1st Class Nursery, we invite you to call in and meet the staff and observe the children playing and learning.

Baby Unit

Nursery care for Babies Ages 3 Months to 24 months

Our Baby Unit provides full day care for children under 2 years of age. It is a self-contained unit, with separate kitchen, bathroom and main play area outside in the garden which we access in all weathers.

Our aim is to provide affectionate care in safe, secure but stimulating surroundings. Treating each child in our care individually, respecting parents’ wishes, and wherever possible falling closely in line with the child’s home routine.

The first step towards providing you with the best possible care for your baby is our initial meeting. During the questionnaire, the practitioner will ask you a few questions and complete a Basic Information Form, which will give us a picture of the child’s home life and development – for example, family members, sleep patterns, favourite toys & comforters, food, health, and special dietary requirements.

We will then offer you and your child settling in session before your actual start date.

1st Class Garden/Outdoor area

Here at 1ST Class Nursery we believe children to be curious, independent, fascinated, capable and creative individuals with a huge amount to offer the world. The formative early years lay the foundations of future learning in many areas of human experience.

Our large outdoor area provides a great space for your child to experience a wide variety of outdoor play.

We believe young children can reach powerful levels of creative learning when their natural inquisitiveness is nurtured. This natural approach fosters self-respect and confidence in their ability to work things out for themselves. We work with the promise that childhood is a time to explore, create and be joyful.

We encourage Throwing and catching • Rolling • Carrying and passing • Climbing • Swinging • Sliding • Cycling/driving wheeled toys • Dancing • Moving to action rhymes and many more activities.

Parental Involvement

Parents and Carers are highly valued within our setting – we understand that your child is very special to you and you are the experts on the childcare you require.

We believe that childcare must be viewed as a true partnership, so our caring, fully qualified staff will liaise closely with you to ensure your requirements are met.

Please feel free to visit or telephone at any time to discuss any aspect of your child’s development.
You are more than welcome to participate in the fun events that take place during the year e.g. Teddy Bears Picnic, Christmas party, Nativity, and annual fun days.

We aim to develop a strong, open, honest relationship with you, where your ideas, knowledge and expertise will be embraced.

We are here to help!